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Motivated by our passion for innovative streetwear and urban fashion, and fed up with the various shops around Saudi Arabia popping up to sell us urban fashionists and fashionistas low quality streetwear at cheaper prices completely ignoring the importance of flawless design and durability, we decided to go to the source, importing 100% original streetwear from top American and Global designers in the field, and took to Instagram in 2013 to make these items available to all lovers of urban fashion in the Kingdom.


Our little Instagram venture soon brought together a large crowd of followers and dedicated shoppers, allowing us to open a specialized boutique in Jeddah to continue making these original streetwear items available to their seekers. This is the story of how Stop Drop & Shop came to be.


Today, as our customer base expands, our mission expands too. Our online shop now brings 100% original streetwear including urban style t-shirts, snapbacks, hoodies, wallets, rings, sunglasses bracelets and necklaces to shoppers from all regions inside the Kingdom as well as many other states in the GCC and the Middle East.


In a step toward supporting and encouraging innovative and creative Arab streetwear designers, we also constantly seek new Arab brands from inside the Kingdom and around the region to add their unique items to our shop, helping them widen their reach and exposure.


Urban fashion is more than a style of appearance; it is a statement and a lifestyle. Let’s make that statement heard.


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Corporate Name: مؤسسة وقف وتسوق للتجارة

Registration Number/CR Number: 4030272327

Address: 6274 Al Salama District, Jeddah 2807-23524, Saudi Arabia

Customer Care Contact Number: +966550926655

Customer Care Email: legit@urbnlot.com 

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