How It All Started

Motivated by our passion for streetwear, we started an Instagram store in 2013, selling a handful of brands imported from abroad. We were selective in choosing the brands as we focused to provide exclusive items not available in the region.

Our little Instagram venture soon brought together a large crowd of followers and dedicated shoppers, allowing us to open a specialized boutique in Jeddah in order to increase the brands that we carry and to continue providing these selective streetwear merch to our growing customer base. In 2018 we were happy to announce our expansion and the opening of a new store in Riyadh. This is the story of how Urbn Lot came to be.

In a step towards supporting and encouraging innovative and creative local streetwear designers, we also constantly seek new local brands from inside the Kingdom and around the region to add their unique items to our shop, helping them widen their reach and exposure.

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